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November at The Hat & Rabbit

We are privileged to have Richard Osterlind visit our club in November to lecture and lead a workshop. Richard is a prolific creator of new effects, an author, and a highly sought after performer. He is coming to our club because of his collaboration and friendship with 2 of our club members: Harvey Raft and Ron Guttman. Sometimes it does help to know someone who knows someone.

When: Thursday, November 5th @ 7:00PM
Where: St. Leonard's Church (25 Wanless Ave)
Admission: Free for members ($30 for guests)

When: Saturday, November 7th @ 10:00AM

Where: 1876 Yonge St, Suite 1004 (1 block south of Davisville Subway Station)

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Richard Osterlind

Richard was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on March 6, 1948.Bridgeport was once the home of another famous showman, P.T. Barnum, so it seems fitting in some way that Osterlind would obtain his first magic trick, a coin slide, at the age of 6 at a performance of the Ringling Brothers-Barnum and Bailey Circus under an open tent in Seaside Park. Richard Osterlind began performing shows that combined both magic and mentalism but it wasn’t long before his love for the latter won out.

During a lengthy, seven-year sojourn as the house magician at a luxury hotel in Stamford, along Connecticut’s "gold coast," he began mixing in more and more mentalism. During the same period, he started to study stage hypnotism and began doing hypnotism shows.
In the ensuing twenty years, Osterlind became a full-time performer, moving from the college to the corporate market, doing fewer shows for more money and traveling to places most only dream of..

He regularly performs close up and stage and the lecture will cover practical material for a wide variety of different performing environments. There will certainly be some knuckle busting stuff in there for people who like that sort of thing. We hope you can join us for the lecture.

During this time, he’s created numerous marketed effects, including "CHANGE OF MIND," "TWO-FACED;" "RADAR DECK," "ULTRA BOARD;" "THOUGHT SCAN" and the “S.O.S. BAG,” perhaps the last word on Annemann’s Pseudo-Psychometry plot and his own unique take on the classic “MENTAL EPIC.”
His published works include "Three Miracle Routines," "Two Perfected Routines;" "Dynamic Mysteries," "The Very Modern Mindreader;" "Mind Over Matter," His "trilogy;" "Making Magic Real," "Making Real Magic" and "Essays" has gathered widespread critical acclaim.

He’s contributed to many publications including Bascom Jones’ Magick, Apocalypse, The Linking Ring, The Magic Menu, and many of Al Mann’s mentalism manuscripts.
Osterlind’s work is also represented on video in "Challenge Magic," a video released over a decade ago, "Mind Mysteries" in 2009 and "Easy To Master Mental Miracles" published by L&L Publishing.

This is a lecture falls into the "must attend" category - you'll kick yourself if you miss it..

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