Your New Toronto Hat & Rabbit Executive for 2018-19

Management Team  

President:  Rob Power – retired

1st Vice President: Mike Tamburino

2nd Vice President: Artemus Syman  

Secretary:  Bob Taylor        


Front Desk – Welcoming Team

Membership Coordinator:  Laura Martin 

Treasurer:  David Lew  

Sergeant at Arms: Dan Stapleton    


Monthly Meeting – Event Team    

Program Director:  Artemus Syman  

Talent Coordinator:  James Alan  

Official Club Photographer: Johan Duker  


Club Advisors & Consultants – 2018-19  

Past President: Philip Pivnick  

Web Consultant: Chris Harvison  

Legal Consultant: Gary Wiseman  

General Club Advisor:  Ron Guttman  

General Club Advisor: Gerry Frenette                         

Coming Soon (Maybe) … We are in the process of discussing the ins and outs of being able to have a password protected page of contact info for executive members and/or general members with the intention of keeping everyone’s contact info safe from spam while at the same time promote the idea of easy interaction between members.