We’re Putting on a Show

In lieu of a normal December meeting getting together on Zoom, we will be getting together on YouTube to watch a virtual magic show featuring… YOU! We will be putting on a show raising money for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

This is the official call for submissions for our virtual fundraising show on Thursday, December 3.

Here is the brief summary of what’s going on:

We’re looking for members who are interested in performing a trick or an act as part of the show. Here is the place to go to let us know what you’d like to do (and you can also help out in other ways.)

And, we have also assembled a basic guide to make it easier to record yourself at home using (hopefully) material you already own.


We would like to know what everyone is doing by Friday, November 20, and then have all of the video submitted by Friday, November 27. The sooner we hear back from people, the sooner we can promote your appearance in the show.


Please write to us at ibmring17@gmail.com or you can speak to El Presidente at 416-995-1736.


As we get closer, we will provide information so that share the show with family and friends and give them an opportunity to donate. But if you’d like to jump to the front of the line and contribute a few bucks, the campaign page is up and running.

You’re donating directly to the foundation and donations of $15 or more automatically generate a charitable tax receipt which you get immediately by email.

We look forward to seeing what magic you’ve got to share!