A Blast from the Past

One of our members, Glenn Ottaway, shared a little piece of Toronto magic history. This issue of The City, a magazine insert from the Toronto Star had a large section dedicated to the local magic scene including Doug Henning, Len Cooper and the Hat & Rabbit Club.

You can read it all here:

The City – The Toronto Star Sunday Magazine – January 22, 1978

The Browser’s Den Bash in the Toronto Star

This past weekend’s Browser’s Bash — Toronto’s new favourite local magic convention — was featured in the Entertainment section of today’s Toronto Star. You can read the article by Megan Dolski here.

 Browser’s Magic Bash is an annual massive meetup for 400 mostly local and a few international magicians. Here, amateur and professional escape artists, mentalists, comedians and prestidigitators convene for a quasi-networking, quasi-educational get-together that is really more like a massive family reunion than anything else.

The most important revelation at the end of the article:

Yes, he said, “there will be another bash.”