Announcing our June Meeting: Kiko Pastur Lecture

June Meeting: Kiko Pastur Lecture Lecture

When: Monday, June 3, 2019 at 7:00 PM

Where: St. George on Yonge Anglican Church (5350 Yonge Street – MAP)

Admission: FREE for members / $20 for guests.

When wit, talent, creativity, sensitivity and experience is mixed, we can not expect any other result than that offered by this little genius Kiko. We’re in luck!
-Dani DaOrtiz

For our June meeting we are thrilled to present a special lecture from visiting Spanish magician Kiko Pastur. This lecture has a great deal to offer regardless of your area of interest in magic or your skill level. In addition to sophisticated material relying on sleight of hand, Kiko  employs subtle psychological strategies and misdirection. On top of that he weaves his magic with profound stories, imagery and metaphors. Or as one magician put it:

Kiko is for me the essence of poetic sensitivity in magic. And the originality in their tricks, acts and magical-poetic-musical shows.
-Juan Tamariz

Kiko has appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and multiple times at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. We’re pleased to welcome him to Canada to present for our members.

Tickets are free for members. Guests are welcome; tickets available below. Special thanks to Derrick Chung and the Montreal Magic Jam crew for making this event possible.