Simply Virtual

A panel on magic in the age of digital reproduction

Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 7:00 PM Eastern

On Zoom: ID 850 4812 3673 Passcode: 086729

Free for members, $5 for guests.

Hosted by David Peck


Jonah Babins
Matt DiSero
Michael Feldman

Steffi Kay
Felice Ling
Aaron Matthews
Ben “Racoon Tamer” Train

In the past year we have been forced to make drastic and rapid changes if we wanted to continue performing. We have assembled a panel of performers, each of whom has made their own transition into the virtual space and found a way to perform from home. The panel will share their experiences, what works, what doesn’t, the challenges they have overcome and the gadgets and gizmos that make virtual performances possible.

Hosted by David Peck. David is the host of the Face2Face podcast with over five hundred episodes as well as a philosopher and a life-long student of magic. He will try to keep our ragtag rig of rowdy rapscallions and ragamuffins under control.

Jonah Babins is the host of the Discourse in Magic podcast, The Newest Trick in the Book and the co-founder of the Toronto Magic Company. In addition to professional development, he enjoys long walks on the beach and unrolling his eyes after Ben Train has done something irritating.

Matt DiSero is a magician, comedian and aspiring Time Lord. Along with his trusty sidekick Hartnell the Chicken he has brought joy, delight, wonder and sarcasm to audiences across Canada and the world.

Michael Feldman nerdy intellectual property lawyer by day, nerdy magic superstar by night, masked crime fighter at tea time. Known for blending mind bending sleight of hand with mind blowing philosophical puzzles.

Graemazing is a level seven wizard with a black belt and a starfish badge in mind reading. Yes, those are real things.

Steffi Kay is the taller and more sartorially resplendant half of the Sentimentalists having appeared on America’s Got Talent & Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Felice Ling is a social scientist, a Boston-based magician, and an international street performer. She has performed in festivals and on the streets of three different continents, but spent most of her pre-pandemic time performing in Boston’s Faneuil Hall. She’s also the Founder of the Boston Magic Lab, a monthly open mic magic show that just celebrated its one year anniversary.

Aaron Matthews has been electrifying crowds across Canada and the Caribbean since he was four years old. In his teenage years, Aaron was a featured Magician at some of the biggest theme parks and fairs in Canada including Canada’s Wonderland & West Edmonton Mall. For the past two October’s you can find him starring in his spookiest creation, The Kill Show, featured at Toronto’s Largest Halloween Attraction. Off stage he’s a writer & consultant bringing magic to TV Shows, Music Videos & Major Theme Park Entertainment. Nearest to his heart, Aaron performs for children in hospitals around the world who need positivity and laughter the most! Aaron’s currently performing the finale of Illusionarium in Toronto!With his amazing one of a kind magic, hilarious personality and engaging nature, you will be sure to have a blast with Aaron Matthews!

Mysterion is Toronto’s crown prince of weird. Vincent Price meets Eddie Munster… with Don Cherry’s wardrobe. The shorter half of the Sentimentalists, who have appeared on America’s Got Talent and fooled Penn & Teller.

Ben Train is a trainer of racoons, wrangler of ducks and connoisseur of fine whiskeys. He has lectured across Canada, the US, the UK and now performs virtually at the Margaret Catwood Virtual Magic theatre alongside Jonah Babins who after being in lockdown with him for nine months has managed somehow not to smother him in his sleep.

Are you really still reading this at this point? We gave up after Felice.

Conjuring for a Cure – WE DID IT!

Thank so much to everyone who tuned to watch our show last night. Conjuring for a Cure featured 20 magicians from Toronto and around the world and we raised over $5,500 for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Thank you to our performers who donated their time and talent:

Jonah Babins, David Ben, Ian Crawford, Matt DiSero, Shawn Farquhar, Gerry Frenette, Robert Herd, Lulu Lin, Patrick Nemeth, Paul Pacific, Marty Papernick, David Peck, Jeff Pinsky, Gordon Precious, Khanya Rubushe, Ari Soroka, Ben Train, Glenn West, “Brookalini” Westfall, Mark Wicken, Andrew Woo

If you missed the show, check it out:

And the link is still open if you would like to DONATE.

Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign and contributed to a great show. We wish you a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to more magic in 2021.

Conjuring for a Cure

Please come and join us for an evening of virtual magic, raising money for the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

Thursday, December 3, 2020
8:00 PM Eastern

Over a dozen magicians from our club have teamed up to share some mystery, wonder and fun, safely from home for you to enjoy. And along the way, we hope you’ll donate in support of a great cause.

The show features the magical talents of:

… and more!

Hosted by :

James Alan

Tricks In The Six – August 31

The appropriately named Toronto Magic Company is putting on a show and you’re invited. Unsurprisingly it is a magic show, taking place in Toronto. So if you prefer straightforward advertising to ironic and irritating blog posts, you should go!

Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 8:00 PM
The Painbox Bistro (Dundas & River)
Advance tickets are $25, available online.