The Allan Slaight Awards

Last weekend, as part of the concluding celebration for the Magic Collectors Weekend in Montreal, Magicana gave out this year’s Allan Slaight Awards. The awards were instituted by the Slaight Family Foundation to honour Allan Slaight, a media mogul and philanthropist with a lifelong passion for magic, and to celebrate outstanding achievements in the pursuit of the impossible. This years’ recipients are:

Photo by David Linsell

Lifetime Achievement ($15,000)

Sharing Wonder ($15,000)

Sharing Secrets ($10,000)

International Rising Star ($5,000)

Canadian Rising Star ($5,000)

*Due do performing commitments, Eric Leclerc and Derek Delgaudio were unable to attend in person.

More information about the Allan Slaight Awards is available at

David Ben on the cover of Genii

17359275_1320590064645345_2586171903456860255_oDavid Ben is on the cover of the April 2017 issue of Genii Magazine. David is no stranger to members of the Hat & Rabbit Club, having been a prominent fixture of the local community for decades, including being president of the club (1984-85). He is also the author of the important modern books, Zarrow: A Lifetime of MagicThe Experts at the Card Table and part one of the Dai Vernon Biography… cough… still waiting for Part 2… cough

In recent years, he lectured for the club shortly before agreeing to shave off his celebrated mop of hair in order to raise nearly a quarter of a million dollars for cancer research.

The cover story focuses on his most recent show in Toronto, Hocus Pocus, along with his multitudinous other interests and obsessions in the world of magic.

Subscribers to the magazine should see their issues arriving in Canada soon.