Moving into the new season

Apologies for a bit of a long announcement:

This is the time of year where our season would normally come to an end and we would be getting together for a large banquet or lecture or something fun. Our season was cut short this spring by COVID-19 and it’s still unclear when get-togethers of the size we’re used to will be considered safe.

With that in mind, there are three things we want to fill you in on.


The executive has met (virtually) and agreed unanimously that everyone who was a member of the club for this season will automatically receive a free extension for the next season (September 2020 to June 2021). The club is in good financial health and we didn’t host four of this season’s ten meetings.

Having An Election

As you might remember from the start of this season the current executive was elected under unusual circumstances at a Town Hall meeting. And not wanting to overstay our welcome, we are committed to having an election to chose the executive for the next season.

If you are a member of the club, you can nominate yourself or someone else to be part of the committee that will organize and manage the club for the new year.

Given how uncertain things are right now, that will likely include important decisions like if, when and where the club meets and whether we bridge the gap by hosting online lectures. There were also several amendments to the club’s constitution which have been suggested to make more in keeping with modern times.

So we will be accepting nominations at the club’s official email address ( for two weeks (until June 30, 2020). If there is more than one nomination for any of the positions, we will hold an election digitally on July 15. The positions are:

1st Vice President
2nd Vice President

To nominate yourself, just send an email to and include the position you want to run for.

Getting Together for Fun

It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. So we’re going to host two online get togethers using the free video conferencing software Zoom.

Thursday, June 25, 7:00 PM

This is going to be a non magic chat. We want to know what you’ve been up to during the lockdown period. Have you taken on any interesting projects? Reconnected with old hobbies? Filling the internet with messages of social justice and tolerance? Do you have an adorable pet who will demand attention and leap into your lap at random moments of a conversation? The plan is to go for about 45 minutes but we can run longer if we want.

Thursday, July 2,7:00 PM

This is where we want to see the magic you’ve been working on. Learned a new trick? Built a new prop? Practiced a new sleight? Made a foray into virtual magic shows and have stories to share?

Zoom: The Technical Fiddly Bits

Zoom is a free online video conferencing software you can download for your computer, tablet or smartphone. It works with both Mac and PC. (It is even possible to participate in a Zoom meeting by phone, we’re looking into the details.)

The software has privacy features, so if you want to keep your webcam off or your microphone muted for part or all of the meeting you can.

Physically Distant, Socially Together

We are coming up to the one month mark of this bizarre phenomenon of Social Distancing and Self Isolation. There is certainly enough uncertainty, stress and frustration to go around.

In the recent weeks, we have seen many of our colleagues around the world turn to online content — videos and live streams on various platforms. The International Brotherhood of Magicians has been hosting almost nightly free lectures and interviews on their Facebook page. Vanishing Inc put on a 5+ hour free online convention with thousands from around the world tuning in.

While this energy and enthusiasm has livened up my newsfeed and a lot of the content has been positive and uplifting, I also get the nagging sense that really the world is just feeding us more TV channels. So rather than try to enter the fray with steaming programming and video releases, we would like to provide more opportunities for our members to reach out in person. We will collect a list of members who all of a sudden have a lot of free time on their hands who are open to chat in person (phone, video chat, etc) about magic or any other subjects that come to mind.

We have a preliminary list we are hoping to grow. So if you would like to be added to this list, please email us:

And if you feel the need for more social connection during this time of physical isolation, feel free to give someone below a call. (Please keep calls to sensible times of the day.)

James Alan
Talk to me about: Close up magic, cards coins, stand-up magic, Star Trek, Hitchhiker’s Guide

Cam Dix
Talk to me about anything to do with coins

Lee Elliott
Talk to me about: Close up magic, Agile Coaching, spending too much money on tricks and DVDs you never watch.

Gerry Frenette
705 436 2289
Talk to me about stage and close-up magic, psychology, prop building, art, and hockey.

Dick Joiner
Talk to me about: Stage magic, comedy magic, touring

Charlie McBurney
Cards & Gambling

David Peck
416 877 3570
Happy to talk about history, cards, coins, manipulation, great movies and why Vaudeville mattered. 

Robert Presswood
Marketing and branding in kids magic

Bob Taylor
Happy to talk about magic history and close-up magic.

Mark Wicken
Happy to talk about cards, coins, mentalism, ‘good’ music or yoga

The Canada Emergency Response Benefit

Registration is now open for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit which may provide $500 per week for up to 16 weeks for people who are no longer working because of COVID-19, including people who are self-employed.

We know that many of our members are self employed performers and will be able to take advantage of this. In order to not overload the system, they have asked people to apply on different days depending on your birthday.