The Allan Slaight COVID-19 Relief Fund

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Magicians have always spoken of the “magic community.” Well now more than ever is the time to prove that we are, indeed, a community.

To that end, Magicana is thrilled to follow the lead of the Slaight Family, and administer at their request, the Allan Slaight Relief Fund, a financial aid package for Canadian magicians hardest hit at this difficult time. The fund of $150,000 will be distributed by application for basic necessities of up to $500 per month per recipient for the next few months.  You can learn more about it here.

It will not remotely replace the income magicians have lost because of canceled engagements, but it will, we hope, offer some assistance, and remind one another that we are a community. We can only weather this storm by working together.

As a reminder to others, particularly those in Canada, Magicana is registered charity and any financial contribution that you can make, large or small, will be added to this fund. There is a donation page on the site for those who can contribute. Tax receipts will be issued accordingly.

Outside of Canada, we encourage those of you of means, particularly means derived from magic, to consider setting up a similar fund for the magic community in your region. 

Magicana is happy to share whatever knowledge we are learning from setting up and administrating the Allan Slaight Relief Fund. We can be reached at

Broken Wand: Tom Baxter

We’re sad to report the passing of Tom Baxter (Past President, 1991-92).

We offer our sincere condolences to his friends and family.

From his family:

Hello Dear Friends:

It is with a sad heart that I write to you to say that Tom passed away last night at the Vancouver General Hospital surrounded and supported my his brother, Bill; sisters, Brenda and Patrice; brother-in-law George; and myself.

Tom was a gentle soul with a wondrous interest in life.  He quietly and stoically faced the challenges of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia over the past six years.

He touched the hearts and minds of many.  May you cherish the special moments that he had with you.

Tom did not wish to have a funeral.  His wish was to be cremated, and some of his ashes sprinkled on Lake Ontario where he spend many hours sailing.

He had many future ideas planned with regard to his writings, music, and travel.

One of the first (of many) sayings he said to me was … “act little braver than you may feel”.  

We cherish all your kind words, cards, messages, phone calls, and thoughts.

Please keep in touch when you can.

A hug to you all,

CoronaVirus Update

Following with all the rapid developments going on around us surround the COVID-19 pandemic we wanted to provide our members with an update.

Unfortunately, Mario Marchese and his family have had to cancel their tour through this part of North America and will not be able to present their lecture on March 25. We have been in touch with them and we are both committed to rescheduling this event at some point in the future and we will let you know when we have more information to share.

We will also make an effort to squeeze in some form of additional event before the end of this season, depending on how the situation develops. (Any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.)

As of right now our March Meeting is cancelled due to the increased need for social distancing (and the fact that our meeting venue is closed to the public.) We will provide more information when it’s available.