Announcing The November Meeting

The Magic Lab

Monday, November 18, 2019 @ 7:00 PM
The Imperial Pub (54 Dundas St. East)
Free for members

One of the primary goals of the club is to help all of us become better magicians.

This is an opportunity to take a piece of magic that you’re working on to the next level. In The Magic Lab, members will have the chance to perform a piece of magic that you have been working on (could be weeks, months, years or decades) and get feedback & suggestions from our panel of seasoned performers.

Hopefully the first of many such workshops, this night will focus on presenting magic for parlour audiences. That means magic intended to be performed standing up for larger audiences (20 people? 200 people?)

Our distinguished panel:

Glenn Ottaway has been performing comedy magic since before most of us were born. He has appeared across Canada and abroad. Now that he is thoroughly enjoying his retirement, he is old, grumpy, crotchety and doesn’t understand this newfangled thing called the internet.

David Peck began his career as sleight-of-hand stage manipulator (award-winning, as they say) and went on to get a philosophy degree and began to use magic presentations to peel back the layers on magic’s deepest questions. He is also the host of the Face2Face podcast, now with over 450 episodes.

Mike Carbone has spent his life in entertainment, as a magician, master of ceremonies and professionally mysterious character.

Who can participate?

The workshop is free for members to participate in. If you want to workshop a particular trick, you need to sign up in advance using the form below. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been performing magic for a month or 50 years.

What kind of tricks?

The focus of this night is presentation. So choose a piece of magic that you can execute successfully, but that you’re not able to present in quite the way you like it. Maybe it needs a more interesting hook, it has a slightly dull bit in the middle that needs to be punched up or just plain needs to be funnier.

Speaking from experience from previous workshops like this, the longer you have been working on the trick already, the more benefit you get from the panel. A brand-brand-brand new trick that you haven’t put a lot of time into tends to generate broad unfocused feedback that never seems to be as useful to you in the long run.

Sign me up!

We will try our best to fit in everyone who volunteers. In the event that we don’t have enough time, spots will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Election Results (Ours, not the Country’s)

We’re pleased to report on the result of our call for nominations for this year’s executive. At the deadline, we had exactly the right number of applications to fill all of our vacant board positions. So the executive for the 2019-20 season is:

James Alan – President
Ian Crawford – 1st Vice President
Laura Mingail – 2nd Vice President
David Lew – Treasurer
Katarina G. – Secretary
Artemus Syman – Past President

We would like to thank all of our members (and potential members) for their patience as we took the time to get things back on track. We’re looking forward to a productive year.

With that in mind, we will be meeting shortly to solidify the programming for the rest of this season and to also address some of the issues that have been raised at the Town Hall and on the Facebook group. Anyone who has any suggestions what we might add to the agenda for our first meeting, which will be within the next 2 weeks, please email us at and we’ll make every effort to address them.

Thanks again for your patience. We look forward to seeing everyone for Asi Wind’s lecture on Monday, October 21.

The OTHER Election

Canada is having a Federal Election. And the date for that election just happens to be the same night as Asi Wind’s lecture, Monday, October 21

We strongly believe that everyone who is eligible to vote should! Fortunately, there is advance voting so you can cast your ballot before election day. 

The back of your Voter Information Card has information about Advance Voting Days this weekend:

After you’ve voted, take a picture of yourself outside of your polling place and post it to the Facebook group!

So be a badass and vote, then join us for a badass lecture with Asi Wind on October 21. 

If you’re unsure of where to go, you can enter your postal code at the Elections Canada Website and get more information.

Elections: Update

A reminder that tomorrow (Thursday, October 10) is the deadline to submit nominations for executive positions. You can nominate yourself for one of the following:

First Vice President
Second Vice President

You must be a member of the club in good standing for this (2019-2020) season. If you wish to run for President, you must also be a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

To put your name in, just send an email to In the event that we have more than one person running for any position, we will request additional information and you will be able to campaign between October 15 and the election, November 18.